For most of us, we live in a world of VJ sets, designs, new motions, media, and gigs. But, if you’re new to this world or just have some basic questions, here’s some info on what a VJ really is. Maybe you’ve heard them referred to as a video jockey, visual DJ, video DJ, or VDJ? What questions do you have? What unknowns are out there? To help, we wanted to take a moment to dive into what a VJ is and what they do.

So, getting down to the basic, what is a VJ?

The What

Maybe you jump right back to the 90’s (if you were born then,) to the days of MTV spinning music videos and being told what the new music is that you should love. Perhaps you think about someone playing music at a rave or party with a mashup of videos morphed together to give a mind altering experience.

So, what do we think it is to be a VJ? A VJ is someone who takes visual content and expand the visual elements with effects, music, and more using many tools including a pixel mapping software or advanced presentation (VJ) software.

VJ’s take looping motion graphics, combined with music and and visual effects to make amazing environments. Whether it takes place at a small club or a large venue, tt’s more than simply setting up your projectors for a concert set and pushing the play button. VJ’ing takes the basics of motion graphics and visual designs, and combines it with pixel mapping to create a unique mash up.

The Why

There are 3 big reasons why VJ’s are so important:

  1. Creating something new is at the forefront of their efforts. Using advanced techniques, VJ’s are able display graphics onto any surface, morphing them into patterns, shapes, and colors that follow the beats and time of the music and bring the audience with them alongside the journey.
  2. On the Fly Creativity. A VJ might start out with the basics of where the set is heading, but more than typically, they add elements, mix a multitude of media, and use visuals and effects on top of their pre-curated visuals.
  3. The Party Starts Here. There’s something exciting about watching a VJ work. The beauty, chaos, and harmony that comes out of seeming randomness is amazing. From start to finish, the VJ controls the night and the atmosphere of any event.

The How

Being a VJ takes more than just the right mix of software, computer, projection, and media. It involves learning how to mix clips (more than just technically), how to pixel map and work with advanced softwares. But most of all, it requires creativity. VJ’s are artists that create before and during an event. Having a creative mind and technical skill is necessary to bring these elements together in one cohesive concept.

How do you get there? Take some time to learn who the big names in VJ’ing are and what they do in there sets. What software do they use? How long does it take them to put together a new setup. Finally, you don’t need a massive canvas to be a VJ. Find elements you’ve got available, grab some demo products, and see what you can create today. Starting small keeps it safe and gives you opportunities to learn, grow, and become your own VJ.

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