There are a plethora of presentation systems and VJ software options on the market today. Some can handle multiple codecs, while others use one unique codec with the system. If you’re here, you are probably looking for DXV content specifically for use in Resolume. Maybe you know all about it and just need the media, but if not, let’s go over what DXV is and how it can be a powerful codec in Resolume. 

The Power of DXV

Resolume is a killer program that requires the DXV codec for footage playback. This is a special codec specifically crafted for use in Resolume. While you may not have used or even heard about this codec before, the performance and file size is unrivaled in its efficiency.

With the introduction of Resolume’s Avenue and Arena advanced VJ software., the DXV codec has really started to gain in popularity, especially in the VJ communities. Using the DXV codec enables a user to add multiple effect layers, modifications, and pixel manipulations while avoiding performance hiccups. Resolume footage needs to be in the DXV codec or it won’t play in the software.

So, what exactly does the DXV3 codec give you? Larger file size means less compression. One of the issues with video playback in VJ environments is the desire to edit, manipulate, and layer media to get the exact effect you desire. With the DXV codec removing such heavy compression (like H.264, etc. can cause) means your computer doesn’t need to use as much horsepower to run the files leaving more to be creative.

Grab Resolume today and see what you can do with our DXVLoops Footage. Want to get started? We have a freebie! Click here to download.